We began a podcast on March 27th 2020, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the beginning of this mad adventure. The podcast will drop every Sunday at 12pm GMT (8pm Japan Time).

You can listen to the podcast on your preferred platforms by following these links.

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Click on the links in the individual episode description below to take you straight to the joints we talk about each week.

Ep9: Back to the Future

This week we're looking forward at some brighter lights like Rompercicci and
Juha, and head to the epic
Rhinoceros in Berlin too!

Ep8: I Want Candy

Narita airport? Surfers' Paradise? We explore all over Chiba this week with Brooklyn, Candy, Nefertiti,
Billie's Bar and more.

Ep7: There Must Be An Angle

Nights of crawling around floors and cramming into dark corners for the perfect angle in Impro, Pres,
Full House and others!

Ep6: Bittersweet Stories of Pepe

If you ever wondered where Dean Martin, scuba diving, paratroopers and jazz intersect, it’s here! 'O-tsukare' to 
Stick & Pepe...

Ep5: Problems with Samurai

Still in Shinjuku. this time with Murakami, cats and Coltrane: this episode has it all 
as we visit the legendary 

Ep4: The One-Armed Master

We're in the kaleidoscopic neighbourhood of Shinjuku at Black Sun, Narcissus, and the incomparable Shiramuren in Golden Gai, where service comes second!

Ep3: Major Milestones

This week we celebrate significant projects milestones by revisiting Bar Bird, Kelly, Coltrane Coltrane & Rindo. Click on the links to see the photos.

Ep2: What's all the fuss?

This week we talk about what a jazz kissaten really is and what you can expect. See Charmant, Eagle & JamJam 
by clicking the links.

Ep1: Five Long Years!

In our first episode we celebrate the 5th year of the project and share a few stories from along the way. See Pithecanthropus Erectus and Basie here.

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