We began a podcast on March 27th 2020, to celebrate...

We began a podcast on March 27th 2020, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the beginning of this mad adventure. The podcast will drop every Sunday at 12pm GMT (8pm Japan Time).

You can listen to the podcast on your preferred platforms by following these links.

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Hover on the names of the joints in the individual episode description below to take you straight to the joints we talk about each week.

Ep 59: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Pt.3

All editing prudence goes to the wall as we fall down a deep, deep Kansai-shaped hole in this feature-length episode...

Ep 58: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Pt.2

Disagreements abound as we hit the remainder of our joints on Day 1 of 3, deep down Kansai way! 

Ep 57: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Pt.1

Dear Lord! Edible insects, sock rations and so much smoke on a hectic three-dayer in Kansai. 

Ep 56: The Curtain, The Sword & The Samurai

We are back in town for a good old-fashioned Tokyo episode with three cracking Tokyo joints!

Ep 55: The North Remembered Pt.4

James continues to offend: this time just the whole of Europe. And we visit the epic Paragonian! 

Ep 54: The North Remembered Pt.3

James pisses off another regional tourist board as we hit the snowless spring streets of Aomori for a couple of contrasting joints.

Ep 53: The North Remembered Pt.2

In Pt.2 we visit Morioka, officially the next best city after NYC, for two great joints and some serendipity with Johnny!

Ep 52: The North Remembered Pt.1

First a four-part sojourn to colder climes with teachers, taxi and a treasure trove of joints. Oh, and The Crusaders.

Ep 51: Das Buch!

James picks what's left of Philip's brains after finally seeing the TJJ book come to life in Germany.

Ep 50: Reunion!

Two men weep uncontrollably as they meet in a Shibuya hotel and recommence what they love doing most.

Ep 49: Days of Wine and Roses

A debrief of our book campaign and a couple of tantalising Tohoku pitstops.

Ep 47: Crochet & Croquet

James swans about Kyushu & Honshu while Philip lives vicariously through his stories...

Ep 46: Six Kyushu Joints Pt2

Philip teaches James English and James continues his solo trip around the southern island of Kyushu.

Ep 44: Coda

Not the end, just the end of the beginning as we look forward to 2021 and beyond.

Ep 43: Ultimate TJJ

Our all-time favourite joints: not an easy task with so many to choose from.

Ep 42: Greatest Hits Vol.2

More reminiscences as we edge closer to our all time favourite joints.

Ep 41: Greatest Hits Vol.1

We reminisce on our maddest moments throughout as we head to our all time favourite joints.

5 Days in June Pts 1-8

An epic eight part journey in June 2018 from the northern island of Hokkaido to the southern island of Kyushu.

Ep 32: Well Hello, Dolly

A mixed bag in Kansai with Prestige, Hello Dolly, Nonsy and Majorica, before hitting Yushima and Cafe Beulmans 
on the way home.

Ep 31: Sono ta

Some of best of the rest this week,
with Bunca, Jazz Cafe Hayashi,
Eonta and York.

Ep 30: The Final Cut

Last of the Tokyo Deep Cuts this
week with Scratch, Sometime,
Lady Jane and Genius.

Ep 29: Closed

A more  mournful look at places no longer with us: Mary Jane, Fat Mama,
Tom, and the legendary Masako.

Ep 28: Minty Peas

Another handful of epic deep cuts
in the arms of Mother Tokyo with
Big Boy, Nutty, Birdland 
and Intro.

Ep 27: From the Black Forest

Our international journey of discovery continues as we uncover a gem
hidden under a beautiful
bookshop in Buenos Aires.

Ep 26: Empire Strikes Back

This week we check out some of the old imperial capital's finest joints with Hanaya, Cafe Murra, Lush Life and Yamatoya.

Ep 25: Meeting The Don Swifty

This week we finally make it up to the joint to end all joints, the incredible, inimitable, unbelievable Basie.

Ep24: Heading North Pt2

The journey north continues in this second part with Abbey Road, Kohi-en and Octet, before we finish off in the mysterious Royce.

Ep23: Heading North Pt1

We begin winding our way to meet The Don, via Fukushima and Sendai, taking in Mingus, Count, Kelly, Kabo and Ray Brown.

Ep22: No, not Tokyo Bay...

We span 3 continents and time zones this week as we chat to  Daniel Gahr & Shirin Raza about the birth of their jazz joint-inspired Bar Shiru in Oakland.

Ep21: Deep Pockets

Another deep dive into Tokyo's myriad collection of lesser known joints as we
hit Ragtime, Adirondack, Owl and the incomparable Corner Pocket.

Ep20: Regional Rivalry

We venture to the dark side and visit Kansai this week in the first of a series as we hit Jam Jam, Goodman, Top Rank & Bird/56.

Ep19: In Suburbia

This week we brave the 'burbs at all
times of the day and night to visit
Powell, Monks, Swan and the
legendary Umi.

Ep18: The Legend of Tachibana

We visit Downbeat and Mokuba in Gunma, before Philip’s extended interview with Tohru Aizawa, the driving force behind the legendary Tachibana album.

Ep17: All that J-Jazz

A fascinating discussion with members of jazz record collecting royalty,Tony Higgins and Mike Peden, compilers of the BBE J-Jazz records and many, many more.

Ep16: All the Single Ladies

We celebrate the small but dedicated number of pioneering female owners by visiting Miles, Posy, Mantoya, Garo & Uncle Tom.

Ep15: Weird & Wonderful Pt2

Second part of two exploring especially extraordinary joints. This week we hit Bokunen, Misty, Danmo, and the enigmatic KissaSakaiki.

Ep14: Weird & Wonderful Pt1

All joints are created unique, but some are more unique than others. This week we visit another Miles, Kissa Seikatsu, TokiDoki, Your & the inimitable Eigakan.

Ep13: First Cut is the Deepest

5 Tokyo deep cuts for the hardcore aficionado this week as we crisscross
the city to visit Seabird, Union, Step,
Gugan & Swing.

Ep12: Hot & Swing since '33!

The final instalment of Port in a Storm with The 2 Johns, Little & Papa, heavy hitter Minton House and the
legendary Chigusa.

Ep11: Port in a Storm Pt2

We criss-cross Yokohama this week, visiting Bar First, Dolphy, the 
deafening DownBeat and the 
mysterious Marshmallow.

Episode X: Stand

This week we felt there were simply 
more important conversations to be 
had than ours. Please visit here 
for more details.

Ep10: Port in a Storm Pt1

We are south of Tokyo this week. We head to Yokosuka's Blue In Green, Kent & Blue Note, before hitting Bird, and Yokohama's Bitches Brew.

Ep9: Back to the Future

This week we're looking forward at some brighter lights like Rompercicci and
Juha, and head to the epic
Rhinoceros in Berlin too!

Ep8: I Want Candy

Narita airport? Surfers' Paradise? We explore all over Chiba this week with Brooklyn, Candy, Nefertiti,
Billie's Bar and more.

Ep7: There Must Be An Angle

Nights of crawling around floors and cramming into dark corners for the perfect angle in Impro, Pres,
Full House and others!

Ep6: Bittersweet Stories of Pepe

If you ever wondered where Dean Martin, scuba diving, paratroopers and jazz intersect, it’s here! 'O-tsukare' to 
Stick & Pepe...

Ep5: Problems with Samurai

Still in Shinjuku. this time with Murakami, cats and Coltrane: this episode has it all 
as we visit the legendary 

Ep4: The One-Armed Master

We're in the kaleidoscopic neighbourhood of Shinjuku at Black Sun, Narcissus, and the incomparable Shiramuren in Golden Gai, where service comes second!

Ep3: Major Milestones

This week we celebrate significant projects milestones by revisiting Bar Bird, Kelly, Coltrane Coltrane & Rindo. Click on the links to see the photos.

Ep2: What's all the fuss?

This week we talk about what a jazz kissaten really is and what you can expect. See Charmant, Eagle & JamJam 
by clicking the links.

Ep1: Five Long Years!

In our first episode we celebrate the 5th year of the project and share a few stories from along the way. See Pithecanthropus Erectus and Basie here.

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